Saturday, 24 January 2015

Wisteria over the fence

Lots of firsts, here:

First fence
First wisteria, and wisteria treee
First hat
13-inch (33 cm) square mdf board

Saturday, 17 January 2015

Cherry blossoms, and linen-and-lace :)

Below, are another two pieces I finished this month. This first one is of cherry blossoms, that always come to my mind when Chinese new year approaches. This is a 13-inch (33-cm) square mdf board:

a collage of close-ups of bits and pieces
 This wooden tray measures 16 x 11 inches (41 x 28 cm). The edges are painted in a mottled gold-and-black, with the deep blue background given a pure gold border. The painted linen-and-lace is in white.

a close-up of the linen-and-lace for those who'd like to try out this pattern

Sunday, 11 January 2015

Bird of Paradise

This is my Bird of Paradise flower - inspired by the one that was growing in our garden. This was painted in acrylic, on metal, and measures 13 x 10 inches (33 x 26 cm).

Monday, 29 December 2014


I painted this piece wayyyy back in September, and it is one of the biggest pieces I've done to date. Each canvas panel is 12 x 12 inches. Painted in acrylics.

Chrysanthemums, lilacs, and hydrangea

Some of the pieces that I missed posting here

... and only just realised.

So, I am remedying that, now :)

I am down with the flu, and haven't been near a paint brush in more than a week!!! I am missing my paint fumes! That's why I was looking at what I'd done, and planning what I'd paint next . . . when I discovered the missing ones.

One of my favourite ways to relax: working on an old bottle,
with dimensional paint

Brushed embroidery on an old wine bottle
And no, I don't drink a lot of wine: Most of the
bottles have been donated!

I painted this for a dear friend, for her mum, who'd just renovated her kitchen.
Those are Molly's fingers, at the edge ;)

Our night-light: Painted with ordinary acrylics, in all-white

Red ink, on an off-white ceramic plate

Doodled for Nicole and Pierre, my friends in Lyon, France :)

This is only about 3-inches across. Can't imagine why I even bought the piece!
So, I thought I'd better paint something on it!

My dancing tulip

One of my favourite pieces


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