Thursday, 27 August 2015

A mish-mash of my latest pieces

Over-lapping mandalas, in black-and-white, on paper:

Two pieces: Above, my Kindle cover. This, I originally did in white, on the black leather, to differentiate it from Chuan's. The white was sucky, so I over-laid the design in gold, and black. So now, it has a batik-ish feel to it.

Below the Kindle cover, is a white-on-black free-form design. I love working in white, but it is very tiring on my eyes. Sadness.

And then, I painted. 

In metallic paint, on two wine bottles :)

This bottle has a bluish tint, so I felt that blue and white scroll-work would be perfect on it. 

This bottle is clear, and like all clear bottles, the seams are green - therefore, I selected two greens, and a gold for its scroll-work.

Wednesday, 19 August 2015

A riot of colour

This took me quite a while to complete - mainly because my eyes tired at the small, fiddly bits, and I had to rest them often.

Again, I used every, single colour in my box of Sharpies, and loved every minute of it. I didn't think about colour theory, or what goes with what. I just picked a colour, and plonked it down somewhere.

I did do a bit of arty-farty bits, though: see the two-toned areas? I tried blending one colour into another seamlessly. That's easier said than done, and you have to strike while the coloured parts are still damp. But, still fun :)

This is a big piece, and measures approximately 23 x 31 cm, or 9 x 12 inches. On heavy paper.

If you'd like to give this a go, copy and print the uncoloured design below:

Tuesday, 11 August 2015

Mandala: in black and white

This is my latest mandala, and it is a big one: 28 cm (11 inches ) in diameter. 

I may look complicated, but if you do it bit by bit, one petal at a time, it won't be a pain!

Below, is the basic mandala I created - before I added the patterns. If you like, you could either colour this, or doodle in some patterns of your own. Or, do both!!!

I heart you

So. My roses are finally beginning to take shape again. They always play hide-and-seek when I have been away from my brushes for too long. 

It took me many attempts and painted-over-surfaces to get here - but I feel I'm finally getting there.

Monday, 3 August 2015

Peace mandalas

So, I coloured the mandala that I posted the other day - and here it is:

And yes, I used EVERY colour that I have, in my box of Sharpies :) Except for the original pattern, nothing more really, was added. Pure colour, this one.

And, after a bit, all the colour kinda gets to me. And, to calm down, I always return to my favourite-favourite for doodles and mandalas: Black-and-white. I'm quite happy with this one. 

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