Monday, 23 February 2015

4 cups and a pig!

Here are two projects that were quick, and fun!

This first one is a pig my daughter bought for me, years ago. It was white, with an embossed design of trailing flowers.

SO: First off, white needs to be painted over, doesn't it?! So, it's now a mauve-y colour :)  On the embossed bits, I used dimensional paint, and did some brushed embroidery. The colour is off-white (it says 'champagne' on the bottle), and the overall effect is of an old, antique-y looking piece, I feel. Very happy with this one.

Then, we bought some new cups!!! In violent colours, as you can see! Ok, maybe not the grey one, but... they just had to be doodled.

I think the pix speak for themselves, don't you? I used DecoArt glass paint markers. Doodle, dry, then bake for 30 minutes, and let completely cool. They can then be washed on the top-shelf of the dishwasher. But, I'd rather just hand-wash them, to be safe.

Saturday, 24 January 2015

Wisteria over the fence

Lots of firsts, here:

First fence
First wisteria, and wisteria treee
First hat
13-inch (33 cm) square mdf board

Saturday, 17 January 2015

Cherry blossoms, and linen-and-lace :)

Below, are another two pieces I finished this month. This first one is of cherry blossoms, that always come to my mind when Chinese new year approaches. This is a 13-inch (33-cm) square mdf board:

a collage of close-ups of bits and pieces
 This wooden tray measures 16 x 11 inches (41 x 28 cm). The edges are painted in a mottled gold-and-black, with the deep blue background given a pure gold border. The painted linen-and-lace is in white.

a close-up of the linen-and-lace for those who'd like to try out this pattern

Sunday, 11 January 2015

Bird of Paradise

This is my Bird of Paradise flower - inspired by the one that was growing in our garden. This was painted in acrylic, on metal, and measures 13 x 10 inches (33 x 26 cm).

Monday, 29 December 2014


I painted this piece wayyyy back in September, and it is one of the biggest pieces I've done to date. Each canvas panel is 12 x 12 inches. Painted in acrylics.

Chrysanthemums, lilacs, and hydrangea


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