Thursday, 30 April 2015

Flowers in a round

This latest piece took quite a while to complete, mainly because it is so big: measuring 18 inches in diameter.

I started out with a nice green background, with bits of light shining through in the upper right and bottom left bits. I thought the green would help it look more natural, like the flowers are in the midst of leaves.

Roses, blue forget-me-nots, and daisies make up the bouquet - snug among a variety of leaf shapes.

Cushion Covers

Two cushion-covers that I recently finished.

Done in dimensional paint, for fabric.

Each cover measures 18 x 15 inches (46 x 38 cm), and both are black.

This first, is doodled in 'champagne' coloured paint:

And this one's in 'bronze' coloured paint:

And, I worked this latter one into a peace mandala.


I've discovered a new love: Abstract art :)

I don't think this is really so new - because it is a lot like the doodling that I already do!

This is a three-panelled piece. A triptych, done in acrylic paint, on mdf board.

Each panel measures 17 x 13 inches (44 x 34 cm), making the whole thing a ginormous (by MY standards lah) 
a 17 x 39 inches (44 x 100 cm) piece

I worked in green, basically, as anyone can plainly see - but most of the colour has developed from layers and layers of different coloured glazes. It started out all yellow, and I slowly added different glazes of blue, greens, purple... and finally, a big bit of red!

A tree

I am gingerly taking my first steps towards painting landscapes - and for me, a landscape isn't complete unless there are trees on it!

So, for a start, I've painted my first tree.

It's a bit of a cheat-tree: I did the trunk and branches in dimensional paint, and then, painted on the leaves.

I snuck in a sky, and distant trees and a valley in the background, as well.

18-inches (46-cm) square, mdf board
Very 'big', for me

Thursday, 26 March 2015


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